Counter Insurgency Strategy



Tripura Police has adopted a multi pronged strategy to deal with the problems of insurgency which includes providing security to developmental measures as well as conducting security operations. As a part of security measures, 28 Police Station areas in full and 6 Police Station areas in part have been declared as disturbed under Armed Force (Special Powers) Act. In addition to Tripura State Rifles and the local Police, some Battalions of CRPF & Assam Rifles have been deployed for counter insurgency operations. With a well coordinated approach, the security forces have been able to contain the problems to a large extent. The security forces i.e. Tripura Police, TSR, CRPF, Assam Rifles have met with a fair amount of successes in the recent past. During the last one year the extremist incidents have shown a sharp decline due to the aggressive policing under legal framework and the number of kidnapping and extremist killings has reduced substantially .


Objectives of the Scheme :

1. The objective of the Scheme is to wean away the misguided youth and hardcore militants that have strayed into the fold of militancy and now find themselves trapped into that net. The Scheme also seeks to ensure that the militants who have surrendered do not find it attractive to join militancy again.

Eligibility Criteria :

2. The Scheme is applicable to those militants who surrender at least with one weapon as mentioned in Para 5. However, in exceptional and deserving cases, militants who surrender without arms may also be considered for rehabilitation under the Scheme. The names of such militants would be scrutinized by the Screening Committee and a final view taken by Unified Headquarters or similar body at the State Government headquarters. The benefits of the scheme shall not be available to a surrenderee who is a
recycled militant/terrorist.

Benefits under the Scheme :

3. Persons eligible under the scheme will be initially lodged in a Rehabilitation camp where they will be imparted training in a trade/vocation of their liking or befitting their aptitude.

3.1 They shall be paid a monthly stipend for a period of 36 months. The stipend in respect of a surrenderee shall not exceed Rs.2000/- per month. The scale of stipend for various categories of surrenderees will be decided by the State Government in consultation with the Government of India.

3.2 An immediate grant of Rs.1.5 Lakh to be kept in a bank in the name of surrenderee as fixed deposit for a period of 3 years. The money can be withdrawn by the surrenderee after 3 years subject to good behavior.

Note 1 : This money can be utilized as collateral security/margin money against loan to be availed by the surrenderee from the bank for self-employment.

Note 2 : In the event of a surrenderee being able to secure any Government job either in central Government/PSU/Army/State Government/Cooperatives, where the Central/State Government has a share, this amount will not be given to the surrenderee.

3.3 Crimes committed by the militants.
3.3.1 Minor crime cases against successfully rehabilitated surrenderees will be withdrawn.
3.3.2 The surrenderees who have committed heinous crimes like murder, rape, abduction etc. will be subject to the due process of law and surrender shall not imply amnesty from the crimes.
3.3.3 A surrenderee who indulges in crime while under rehabilitation shall forfeit the benefits under the Scheme.

4. Board and lodging at the Rehabilitation camp.

4.1 The stay of a surrenderee in a Rehabilitation Camp shall not exceed three years. All attempts shall be made to settle the surrenderees during this period. In case of settlement of any surrenderee before the expiry of three years, the stipend shall be stopped with effect from the date of settlement.

4.2 Expenditure incurred on boarding and lodging provided to surrenderees in the rehabilitation camps would be met out of the stipend of Rs.2000 to be provided to surrenderees.