Public SMS Service


Why SMS based Complaint Monitoring System?

SMS is a powerful personal communication channel. Wherever there is a need or benefit for sharing information, SMS can play a significant role. Specifically, government organisations can leverage the platform for collecting information from, and staying in touch with citizen.

In rural areas where the penetration of internet and other IT facilities are very low, SMS could be a very useful tool for public sector as well as for the government departments in implementing their eGovernance applications using mobile technology.

To receive complaints from citizen, one has to do personal submission or from a web site. To reduce the difficulties of citizens to send a complaint to Tripura Police, as SMS based complaint system has been initiated. A citizen can send a complaint by SMS and Scrutiny of received complaints will be done by Tripura Police Control Room Police.


tp<space> message

  send SMS to 9436544407 or type tp<space>text message and              
  send to 7738299899