Road Safety Tips

Instruction for Bike Riders.

lrg-dia.gifWear a full mask good quality BIS approved helmet.
lrg-dia.gifEnsure that pillion rider also wears a hemlet of the same quality.
lrg-dia.gif Fasten the helmet rightly.
lrg-dia.gifCheck the inflation of both front and rear tyres.
lrg-dia.gifEnsure the front and rear lights are functional.
lrg-dia.gifGive proper indications before turning.
lrg-dia.gifSwitch off your indicators after turning.
lrg-dia.gifUse front and rear brakes simultaneously.
lrg-dia.gifRide in the middle lane.
lrg-dia.gifKeep a sage distance from the vehicle ahead.

lrg-dia.gifIndulge in zig-zag riding.
lrg-dia.gifOvertake from the blind corners of a heavy vehicle or from the left side. It is highly dangerous.
lrg-dia.gifApply brakes suddenly.
lrg-dia.gifCarry heavy loads or more than one person as pillion rider.
lrg-dia.gifUse cell phone while riding.
lrg-dia.gifRide in the bus lane.
lrg-dia.gifAllow a minor to ride.

Instructions for Drivers of Four Wheelers.

lrg-dia.gifEnsure that co-passenger on the front seat and the driver has worn seat belt.
lrg-dia.gifDrive within the prescribed speed limit (Car-50,Bus/Truck-40).
lrg-dia.gifDrive in your lane.
lrg-dia.gifKeep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.
lrg-dia.gifUse proper signal before taking a turn.
lrg-dia.gifuse rear view mirror in your vehicle.
lrg-dia.gifReduce speed of vehicle while approaching road crossing.
lrg-dia.gifObey the signals given by traffic police.
lrg-dia.gifUse dimmer while driving at night time.

lrg-dia.gifTalk on mobile phone while driving.
lrg-dia.gifAllow children below years of age to sit on the front seat.
lrg-dia.gifAllow minors to drive.
lrg-dia.gifSmoke during driving.
lrg-dia.gifEngage your self in gossiping with other while driving.
lrg-dia.gifOvertake when there is no sufficient space.
lrg-dia.gifOverload your vehicle.
lrg-dia.gifDrive without license.

Instruction for the Pedestrians.

lrg-dia.gifWalk on any side of road if there are footpaths.
lrg-dia.gifOn roads having no footpath, walk on extreme right side facing the oncoming traffic.
lrg-dia.gifAlways use Zebra Crossing. Foot Over- Bridge & Subways to cross the road.
lrg-dia.gifCross the road when the vehicles are at a safe distance.
lrg-dia.gifWear light coloured dresses during night.
lrg-dia.gifPedestrians should also obey traffic signals.
lrg-dia.gifHelp the children, old people and handicapped persons to cross the road.
lrg-dia.gifWhile walking on the road, always notice the movement of vehicles.

lrg-dia.gifDo not cross the road in hurry or by running.
lrg-dia.gifNever cross the road in front of or in between parked vehicles.
lrg-dia.gifIt is very dangerous to cross the road at blind corners turnings, etc where you are not visible to vehicle drivers.
lrg-dia.gifDo not jump over the railings to cross road.
lrg-dia.gifWhile crossing the road first look to the right and then look to the left and again to the right. After being ensured that there is no vehicle approaching you, cross the road. Don’t hesitate and change your decision suddenly.
lrg-dia.gifDon’t talk with others standing on the road.

Instructions for Cyclists

lrg-dia.gifCycle must be fitted with standard gadgets bell, brakes, rear view mirror, both front & black mudguard painted white, reflective tapes affixed at the front & back.
lrg-dia.gifUse service road/cycle track, if available. Cycle should be on extreme left side of the road.
lrg-dia.gifAvoid busy roads.
lrg-dia.gifKeep a safe distance from fast motorized vehicles.
lrg-dia.gifGive proper indications before stopping or turning.

lrg-dia.gifDo not indulge in any kind of stunts.
lrg-dia.gifDo not load the cycle with another person or heavy goods.
lrg-dia.gifDo not ride holding on to fast moving vehicles.
lrg-dia.gifDo not ride parallel to another cycle.