Special Armed Force

The Special Armed Force was established in the year 1993 with a view to accommodate the retrenched Border Wing Home guards’ personnel. (vide Home Department Memo No. F.26 (II)-PD/89(L) dated 23-06-1993 with the concurrence of Finance Department No. 1757/FIN (G)/93, dated 23-06-93 as proposed by Sri B.J.K. Thampi, IPS former Director General of Police).

The Border Wing Home Guards Battalion was raised in the year 1977 to help the B.S.F. in the deployment along the International Border of Tripura with Bangladesh (vide Govt. of India Ministry of Home Affairs No. 1/17/75-DGCD (HG), dated 15-10-1976). The BW.HG.BN personnel were appointed in two categories i.e. (1) full time and (2) part time.

On 15-11-92 the part time BW. HG. BN. Personnel were discharged from service on the basis of de-requisition request received from B.S.F. authority (vide their letter No. ICA/OPS/1257-BW.HG.BN. /90/21033-54, dated, 14-11-1992). After having been discharged from the service the above BWHGBN. Personnel approached the Government to get back their job and finally the Govt. considered their case by creating 429 personal posts of different Ranks, such as Havilder –2, NK-4, LNK-16, Const.-393, Cook-7 & Water Carrier-7 & raised a new Police Unit styled as Special Armed Force (vide Govt. of Tripura, Home Department Memo No.F.26 (II)-PD/89(L), dated, 23-06-93). Accordingly, in the month of July’ 1993 the S.A.F. started functioning as per PHQ Memo No.29225-52/F.18 (15)-PHQ/93, dated, 25-06-93, Standing Circular Order No.01/93,communicated Vide PHQ Memo No.32428-530/C-41 (I)/Police/81, dated, 22-07-93. Thereafter, as per Order of PHQ issued from time to time the strength of personal posts of different categories were increased from 429 to 644 due to transfer of personnel from other Units who were appointed earlier against 240 personal posts of different ranks, such as Havilder-18, NK-48, LNK-53, Const.-154,Cook & W/Carrer-5, created vide Home Department No. F.26 (II)-PD/88, dated 22-06-89.

The 1st Commandant of SAF was Shri G. S. Khan, EEx- BSF officer.

Function/ character of duties:-The main function of Special Armed Force at present is to provide armed escorts to important dignitaries as and when required and as asked from PHQ, Tripura. Apart from the above, SAF personnel are also deployed at various residential guards and Office complex including Police HQrs, Tripura.