Border Wing Battalion Home guards

BACK GROUND :- The Border Wing Home Guards Battalion was raised in Tripura in 1977 following an order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India vide Memo No.1/17-DGCD(HG) dated 15-10-1976 along with 3(three) other Eastern States namely Assam, Meghalaya and West Bengal. In Tripura the Battalion was consisting of 6(six) Companies with total strength of 789 personnel which includes 81 Full-time regular staff and 708 Part-time staff of different ranks. Full-time personnel were appointed with regular scale of pay whereas all the 708 personnel were appointed with a basic pay devoid of annual increment. Border Wing Home Guards Battalion was raised from within the belt zone of 30 miles along the border as far as practicable. Expenditure on the scheme is borne by the Govt. of India @100 percent against authorized strength and pattern on re-imbursement basis. In the event of their utilization by other agency, the State Government with the prior approval from the Govt. of India can deploy in other duties. In that case, expenditure for such deployment will be borne by the State Govt. at 100 percent. After formation of BW HG BN in Tripura, all the 6(six) Coys of the Battalion were placed with BSF on requisition and they continued to assist BSF until their services were de-requisitioned by B.S.F on 31-05-1989 and also vide No. IGP (OPS)/1257/BWHGBN/92/21/2588-89 dated 14-11-1992.Thereafter, all part-time staff of BW HG BN were accommodated in S.A.F of Tripura Police by creating personal posts. Border Wing Home Guards Battalion became almost non-functional with its skeleton full-time staff of executive, Ministerial and Group-D employees following de-requisitioned by B.S.F. following creation of S.A.F in 1993.

ROLE OF BORDER WING HOME GUARDS :- (A) In normal times and also during the period of tension on the border, to assist & to provide local people and security thereby to boost the morale of inhabitants to remain attached to their lands and to pose as a determent against pilferage across the border. (B) To protect the lines of communication in times of emergency and to assist the local Administration tackling problems of internal security in the border areas. (C) As and when required to provide Sub-unit as auxiliaries to the B.S.F. in defending border including patrolling along with border and in checking and in preventing infiltrators. The Home Guard Compendium of instruction also mentions that BW HGs can also be called up for assistance to the BSF / Army when required.

RULES & REGULATIONS, MANUALS GOVERNING FUNCTIONS:- The functions of Border Wing Home Guards Battalion are governed by the Bombay Home Guards Act (Act III of 1947) as extended to Tripura and Tripura Home Guards Rules-1962 and Home Guards Compendium of Instruction 1993.