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Duties prescribed as per provisions of PRB (Police Regulation of Bengal)
The functions of the department have been laid down in PRB Rule 612. The main functions attributed to CID are:
     Collection and distribution of information relating to:
     Crimes committed by professional criminals like.

  • Dacoity.
  • Highway railway or Mail Robbery.
  • Counterfeiting coin or stamp, forging government currency or promissory note.
  • Drugging or poisoning.
  • Murder for gain.
  • Insurance frauds of serious nature.
  • Cases of Bank frauds.
  • Crime on railway.

Professional criminals or criminal tribes whose operations extend beyond the limit of the State.

   To control and to assist or advice, as the circumstances require, enquiries or investigation into crime of the classes mentioned above.

   To control or assist enquiries and investigations in connection with cases under sections 400 and 401 IPC.


  • Crime Branch.

We assist or advise the District Police in, or take control of, inquiries or Investigations into serious crime or cases requiring continuous persuasion or cases with inter-state ramification or National importance. Such control, advice or assistance is invoked with the approval of the Inspector General or as ordered by the Inspector General or higher authority. The Deputy Inspector General, Criminal Investigation Department, may either assume control of enquiries or investigations of cases or may advise or assist investigating agencies without assuming control. About 70% of cases investigated by the CID end in charge sheets. CID also holds enquiries of special importance on being referred by Home Deptt. & Police Directorate.

  • Nodal Agency for Investigation of FICN Cases

CID especially deals with Fake Indian Currency Notes cases as the nodal agency for the entire State as far as the investigation is concerned. The other functions of CID include maintenance of State level Criminal database of investigations, prosecutions and so on.

  • Finger Print Cell

The Finger Print Cell, located at CID, gives expert opinion on Finger Prints and one designated F.P. expert is posted in CID to meet the purpose. However, maintenance of large scale data base is yet to be started. Very recently central AFPIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) has been installed in CID with capacity of holding 1 lakh F.P. database. RQT’s will be procured and all District Headquarters shall be connected through broadband in days to come.

  •  Statistics Cell & AQPQ Cell

CID Statistics Cell and AQ PQ Cell are functioning jointly .The CID has been earmarked as Nodal Unit for sending all returns/statements to the Govt. and also to NCRB etc. Besides, reply to AQ/PQ is sent from this unit based on available records with Statistics Cell. The Statistics Cell collects, compiles and disseminates information to all concerned relating to commission of crime in the entire state. A user friendly statistical software is being installed after evaluation which would help generating monthly / quarterly / half yearly statements automatically. This statistics Cell also generates Annual reports on a) Crime In India, b) Annual Suicides and Accidental death in India, c) Annual Road Accidents Data.

  • Police Dog Squad

Police Dog Squad of the State is also functioning under CID extending support to the investigating officers in tracking down the criminals after a heinous crime is committed, besides working jointly with BDDS team under control of SP (Security) to perform Anti sabotage check in venues before arrival of VIP , vital installations & protected areas as and when required. There are trained Sniffer Dogs and Tracker Dogs of quality breeds like the German shepherd and the Labrador. At present there are 23 Police Dogs held by PDS (Police Dog Squad) both in the state capital as well as District Headquarters. It has been decided to open dog squad at Sub-division level in phased manner.

  • State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB)

State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) is also functional under CID which is responsible for implementation of National e-governance projects like CCTNS (erstwhile CIPA) in co-ordination with NIC (appointed as S-PMC for the project) of the State. The SCRB aims at computerization of all types of police functioning in the State police organization down below up to police station level. Two software namely ILOTS (Illicit Liquor Offenders Tracking system) and POTS (Property offenders Tracking System) are installed in CID having access to district SsP through unique ID & password.

  • Photography Cell

There is one photography cell working at the disposal of CID which is primarily responsible for taking photographs of scene of crimes of CID investigated cases and also on requisition from the District police. There is one small colour photo lab functional which is capable of developing colour digital prints and also black and white prints from films. Two digital still cameras and one digital camcorder have been procured under Police Modernization scheme recently to cover state level police programmes etc.

  • Investigation Booth

One Investigation Booth is functional in G.B. Hospital under the control of CID. The task of the investigation Booth is only to collect injury reports, post mortem reports etc in respect of those persons treated at GB Hospital in connection with criminal cases registered in different police stations all over the state.

 CID Publications.

  • CIG (Criminal Intelligence Gazette).

The CIG is published monthly by the 10th of every month. This is an internal publication of Police and is circulated among The DGP(Tripura), Director NCRB New Delhi, All PHQ’s of North Eastern states, The DGP, Tripura, IGP(L/O), IGP(INT), DIGP(S/R), DIGP(N/R), DIGP(CID), DIGP(AP&OPs), SsP West /South /North / Dhalai / Gomati / Sepahijala / Khowai / Unakoti District, All Commandants of TSR, All SDPO’s (Tripura), All O/C PS’s Tripura.

  • Contents :

A.Part 1 : Special Notices.
B.Part II : Lookout Notices.
a.Persons wanted in specific cases.
b.Person arrested who may be wanted elsewhere.
c.Property found in the possession of arrested persons.
d.Arms and Ammunition Lost / theft and recovered.
e.Missing Persons.
C.Part-III Miscellaneous Notices
a. Movement of Itinerant (roaming) criminal gangs.
b. Stolen Motor cars and Motor cycles.
Part-IV Crime statistics for the month.
Part- V: Important Supplements.
a.Professional and travelling criminals.
b.Notorious wanted criminals.
e.Important active criminals.
g.Special supplements.

  • Police Gazette.

The Police gazette is published fortnightly on 15th of every month and 30th / 31st of every month. Like CIG Police Gazette is also an internal publication of Police Department. Fortnightly police gazette is circulated among SsP West/South/North and Dhalai, All SDPO’s Tripura.

  • Contents :

a.Orders by Governor of Tripura.
b.Arrival and Departure Notices of all Gazetted officers of Police Department (Tripura), Orders by DGP(Tripura)
c.Honours rewards and commendations of all Gazetted officers.
d.Miscellaneous notices including legal decisions.
e.Notification regarding the forfeiture and proscription of various publications.
f.Government and Departmental orders, Police Orders.


  • Based on confessional statement of accused in connection with West Agartala PS Case No. 60/02, (Fraud case relating to Life Insurance Corporation) CID officers could recover an amount of Rs. 13 Lakhs from Kolkata.
  • Successful detection of serial Bomb Blast cases at Agartala within 90 days of occurrence followed by arrest of 12 accused persons out of 17 chargesheeted accused thereby establishing the complicity of ATTF extremists in hatching conspiracy & aiding and executing the operation from Bangladesh soil through their local agents.
  • Arrest of principal accused in connection with West Agartala PS Case No. 33/09 U/S 409/468/471/477(A) IPC and 27 Arms Act after 1 ½ years of the registration of the case, which relates to misappropriation of Government fund to the tune of Rs. 1.96 Crores.
  • Detection of the most sensitive blind murder mystery in connection with Bishalgarh PS Case No. 100/09 U/S 302 IPC, followed by arrest of all the accused persons out of which one accused admitted his guilt before the Ld. Court which recorded his confessional statement judicially.
  • Successful detection of KCP PS Case No.59/09 U/S 489(A)/489(B) IPC followed by arrest of FICN dealers based at Kailashahar Sub-division.
  • Successful in visualizing the setting up of Cyber Forensic Laboratory in collaboration with C-DAC, Kolkata, (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) a society under the Ministry of Communications and IT, Govt. of India.
  • Conviction secured in the year 2010, of the accused in connection with PNS PS Case No. 46/06 U/S 489(C) IPC.
  • Conviction secured in the year 2009, of one accused for 7 years Rigorous Imprisonment in connection with TLM PS Case No. 13/07 U/S 489(B)/489(C) IPC.
  • Conviction was secured in the year 2010, of one accused (Suman Majumder @ Mamun Miah) for 10 years Rigorous Imprisonment and fine Rs. 1,00,000/- in connection with West Agartala PS Case No. 77/08 U/S 468/471/420 IPC.
  • Conviction secured in the year 2010, of one accused Sagam Ali for 2 years and 3 months Simple Imprisonment in connection with ARP PS Case No. 37/08 U/S 120(B)/468/471 IPC and 3 of IPP Act.
  • Conviction secured in the year 2009, of one accused person for Life in connection with Kailashahar PS Case No. 130/08 U/S 489(A)/489(B)/489(C) of IPC.
  • Conviction secured in the year 2010, of one accused person for 5 years Rigorous Imprisonment in connection with Kailashahar PS Case No. 137/08 U/S 489(A)/489(B)/489(C) of IPC.
  • Conviction secured in the year 2010, of one accused person for 5 years Rigorous Imprisonment in connection with Kailashahar PS Case No. 189/08 U/S 489(A)/489(B)/489(C) of IPC.
  • Dog Deepak of the Police Dog Squad under CID identified three accused in connection with Sabroom PS Case No. 02/10 U/S 457/380/427 IPC.


  •  AFIS.(Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

The automated Fingerprint Identification system (AFIS) has been installed at the Fingerprint Cell of CID. At present AFIS is being used to compare fingerprints digitally ensuring more accuracy. Based on these comparisions Expert opinion is generated from Fingerprint Cell of CID.

  • Polygraph.

The Polygraph machine commonly referred to as Lie Detector has been installed.
 Recent Constructions.

  •  Workstations of Crime Section, General Section and SCRB.
  • Fingerprint Cell.
  • Kitchen and Feeding area in Police Dog Squad under CID.
  • Construction of Reception Counter in CID.
  • How Can You Help Us?

The biggest help you can render is by providing information of a crime and its perpetrators.
The biggest help you can render is by providing information of a crime and its perpetrators.
If you have any information about the 'Most Wanted' by Tripura Police please e-mail us at:sp_cid.tripura[at]yahoo[Dot]co[Dot]in spcid-tri[at]nic[Dot]in & Call us at Phone no: 91381-237 6963 /91381-237 6979 /91381-237 5604.
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