Communication Wing Of Tripura Police


               The communication wing was established in Tripura State in the year 1949 with installation of HF link at Agartala linking its vital towns like Dharmanagar, Kilashahar, Kamalpur and Udaipur. To operate the HF communication link five Radio staff comprising of one Radio Mechanic and four Radio Operators were recruited by MHA, Govt. of India and subsequently sent to Agartala. 

VHF : VHF communication link was established in the State in the year 1976 linking the P.Ss.. Afterwards, High Powered VHF sets were installed in the year 1980 linking various P.Ss. with their respective District HQrs. for RT communication.
Subsequently, in the early 80’s the repeaters were installed at Vangmunh, Dhajanagar and Ambassa locations for connecting the remote stations which were not otherwise connected on VHF due to long distance, also having limitations over line of sight communication/propagation.

Automatic Communication System: To increase the speed of data transmission the ACS (Automatic Communication System) communication system was introduced in Police Communication in the year 1992 linking all District HQs. with Agartala. This system proved to be very useful and helpful in the quick clearance of the heavy load of message traffic. Later

on this system was, up-graded to AMSS.

Automatic Message Switching System (AMSS): This system is an improved version of ACS as described  above having a facility of automatic acknowledgement of the transmitted signals. The main AMSS equipment was installed at CHQ. Agartala and terminals were kept at District HQs and some PSs.

FUNCTIONS / CHARTER OF DUTIES:-  The main functions of Tripura Police Communication Organization is to provide uninterrupted and steady wireless Communication through out the state. The various mode of communication presently used are – HF, VHF, Semi-Duplex, UHF, AMSS etc.

PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICERS:-  Since the S.P. (Communication) is designated as SPIO (State Public Information Officer) in respect of Tripura Police Communication Organisation, all the applications seeking information as per the provisions of the RTI act 2005 are properly addressed.

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