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Formation of the District. :-

            Tripura became a full fledged state in 1972. The state was divided into 03 (three) Districts namely North Tripura, South Tripura and West Tripura. Subsequently, for the convenient of administration North Tripura District had been bifurcated to create a new District namely Dhalai Tripura District which was inaugurated on 14th April 1995 with District Headquarter at Ambassa.


Geographical Location, Climatic condition and other aspects with regard to policing:-


  • Dhalai Tripura District is named after the River ‘Dhalai’ flows across the District from South to North. It is situated approximately between longitude 091°.51.608"E and latitude 23°.55.501"N Dhalai District lies between Longtharai hill range in the East and Athharomura hill range in the West. It has 169 km. international Boundary with Bangladesh. Total geographical area of Dhalai District is 2532.57 sq KM with the population of 3,77,988 ( Male- 1,94,342, Female-1,83,646 ). National Highway -44 passes through the District Headquarter Ambassa from 82 miles under Manu PS to Chamalcherra in the Khowai District boundary with a total length of 65 km in the District.


  • The climate of the District is characterized mostly warm with humidity in summer and dry cool in winter. However, it gets heavy rainfall during June to October.


  • For the convenient of administration the District is divided into five police Sub-Divisions viz. Longtharai Valley, Manu, Kamalpur, Ambassa and Gandacherra Sub-Divisions with 13 (thirteen) Police stations 1. Manikpur PS 2. Chawmanu PS 3. Chailengta 4. Manu PS 5. Dhumacherra PS 6. Nepaltilla PS 7. Kamalpur PS 8. Salema PS 9. Kachucherra PS 10. Ambassa PS 11. Ganganagar PS 12. Gandacherra PS and 13. Raisyabari PS.


          There are 69 BOPs and 113 security camp manned by Tripura Police, Central Paramilitary forces, Tripura State Rifles, Home Guards and Special Police Officers, Border Security Forces are deployed in the Bordering areas of the Districts and other Paramilitary Forces like Assam Rifles, Central reserve Forces and Tripura State Rifles are deployed for second line of defence with a view to  curbing extremists activities and Law & Order duty in the District. 


Name of Police Sub-Division    
Ambassa        551.12 Sqr KM
Gandacharra         596.22 Sqr KM
LongtharaiValley        780.32 Sqr KM
     Manu            273.11 Sqr KM
 Kamalpur            384.73 Sq KM