Emergency Response Support System (Dial- 112).

Emergency Response Support System – ERSS (Dial- 112)

Tripura Police:  10 August 2020. Email-   erssattripurapolice [dot] nic [dot] in (erss(At)tripurapolice(dot)nic(dot)in)


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             In December 2012 Justice J. S. Verma Committee recommended setting up of Nationwide Emergency Response System (NERS). Centre for Development of   Advance Computing (CDAC) has developed Emergency Response Support System (ERSS). It is a common platform for serving all emergency service requests-112. Emergency numbers like, 100 (Police), 101 (Fire & Rescue Service), 108 (Ambulance Services) 1091 (Women Helpline) are integrated with 112. Citizen in distress can seek assistance through voice call, SMS, email and panic- SOS requests, web requests etc. A unique ‘SHOUT’ feature introduced in 112 India mobile App’. This allows victim immediate assistance from registered volunteers in the vicinity apart from contacting Emergency Response Centre.

                   ERSS is intended to render services to the citizen 24 x 7 in cases of emergency. Vulnerable section of society can seek services by staying at place of incident or from their home. Women and Children, victims of violence-threat, elderly citizen, victim of road traffic accident etc can avail services of Ambulance, Police, and Women Counsellors during crisis situations. At the time of declaration of Nationwide Lockdown, ERSS has arranged transportation, medicine and to essential services to the elderly citizen in Agartala Municipality Corporation areas. To assist citizens in providing information on Covid-19 and health issues added services of Medical Officers. During this period, Administrative Officers have addressed public grievance on high price/ black marketing and unavailability of food etc.

              ERSS Project has been implemented by Tripura Police Department and commissioned by CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram. Project cost is Rs 4.64 Cr and funded by MHA. Fire Service, Health Deptt and SDMA are other Stake Holders. Network Connectivity for the Control Room is BSNL and field connectivity is from BSNL, Airtel & Reliance Jio. One Vehicle of each Police Station, Ambulances of all important State Hospitals & Fire Tenders of all fire stations is integrated with ERSS Control Room through Mobile Data Terminals. The project went live on 10.12.2019. From 11.12.2019 to 16.07.2020 total calls landed in Control Room-155737, calls attended-137352. There were Information Calls-11850 & Non-actionable calls- 92602   

                 Emergency services from Women Help Line- 181 and Disaster Help Line will be soon operational fromERSS/112.