Chief’s Message


          Police here, just like the rest of the country, are faced with difficult situations each and every day. We interact with people who may be abusing drugs, suffering from mental illness, capable of extreme violence or all of the above.


         Uniformed officers are the most visible form of government. Officers have the responsibility of serving in many roles including mentor, counselor and problem solver. Training for those of us in this profession is ongoing. We must strive to stay current in a job with changing expectations from the community.


        One of our goals is to make Khowai a great place for people to visit, work and live. Working together with volunteers and other community groups is necessary as we move forward. The future is indeed challenging, however, I am confident we have the knowledge, skills and abilities to get the job done.


         I cannot predict future events. However, I can say the employees of the Khowai Police Department will respond with the utmost energy, professionalism and passion as we work to bring about a successful resolution to whatever we may face. We are committed to building relationships with community members while providing the highest level of service to keep our citizens safe. As the Chief of District Police, I will continue to provide and share our on-going efforts with the community in order to maintain and build public trust. We will work to earn and keep the trust and respect of the community through outstanding service, positive interactions and open communication.


                                                                                                                                                   Jai Hind.



                                                                                                       (BHANUPADA CHAKRABORTY, TPS)

                                                                                                                  Superintendent of Police

                                                                                                                   Khowai District, Tripura.