Imprisonment for Life of one accused in 302 IPC case

Khowai District
The Addl. District & Session Judge, Khowai has convicted to one accused person namely Babul Sabdakar S/o Lt. Girish Sabdakar of Choto Bagai, Uttar Singicherra PS-Khowai for the charge of murder of his wife namely Bina Sabdakar and sentence to suffer rigorous imprisonment for life with fine of Rs.3000/- in default to suffer simple imprisonment for six months for commission of an offence U/S 302 IPC. The fact of the case in brief is that on 30/05/2014 at night at about 0200 hours the complainant heard hue & cry towards eastern side of the house of his daughter Bina Sabdakar (deceased) and he along with his wife, children and other villagers rushed to the house of his daughter. After entering into the house he found dead body of his daughter Bina Sbdakar lying on the bed with bleeding throat cut injury in her dwelling hut and husband of the deceased was present at that time in the dwelling hut. AP Babul Sabdakar and his wife (deceased) used to quarrel with each other on the issue of their family affairs. Complainant of the case suspected that the AP Babul Sabdakar killed his daughter by sharp cutting weapon with the help of others. On the basis of this complaint O/C, Khowai PS registered a specific case vide Khowai PS Case No.56/2014 dated 31/05/2014 U/S 302/102(B) IPC and O/C, PS himself took the investigation of the case. After completion of investigation I.O. of the case Inspr. Narayan Chakraborty, O/C, Khowai PS submitted charge-sheet vide No.86/2014 dated 23/11/2014 U/S 302 IPC against AP Babul Sabdakar S/o Lt. Girish Sabdakar of Choto Bagai, Uttar Singicherra PS-Khowai with prayer of custodial trial. The Trial Court found the AP (Babul Sabdakar S/o Lt. Girish Sabdakar) guilty and convicted him