Pradeep Singh Rawat

Name of Personnel: 
Pradeep Singh Rawat
Father`s Name & Address: 
S/O Shri Premsingh Rawat of Dewaldhar, PS- Gopeshwar Chamoli Grahwal, Uttaranchal
Rank & Unit: 
Rfn(GD) 6th Bn TSR
03-11-1998 to 12-07-2004
Native Place: 
Dewaldhar, PS- Gopeshwar Chamoli Grahwal, Uttaranchal
Place of Martyrdom : 
Subal Kobra Para
Date of joining the force: 
Tuesday, December 1, 1998
Date of Martyrdom : 
Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Brief of Incident: 
On 12.07.2004 at about 1645 hrs when one party of a co-ordinated ops consisting of Sub-01, Hav-4, L/NK- 03 and Rfn- 29 SI (UB)-01 and SPO-02 under leadership of Commandant was negotiating a foot track of about 45 degree height at Subal Kobra Para in Subal Kobra area 6 TSR, under Champahowar PS, came under heavy burst of firing from ATTF extremists. Effectively retaliation without loss of time took place immediately. The heavy exchange of firing lasted for about 15 minutes. It is estimated that the Exts fired about 200 to 250 rds. The Ops party also fired 269 Rds of different weapons and 03 bombs of 51 MM Mortar which did explode. The scout, No.98060391 Rfn Pradip Singh Rawat of 6th Bn TSR, E coy, who was only about 6/7 yards away from the extremists was hit by the first burst fire from the extremists on his upper chest part, knee joint of both of his legs causing multiple bullet injuries and also caused damage his Ak-47, before he could press the trigger of his own weapon and died on the spot.