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Place & Duration

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09 weeks CIAT Course

CIATs School KCR, DLI w.e.f.05.01.2015 to 08.03.2015

C/15107 Jakir Hussen

C/15075 Bilal Uddin




w.e.f.16.03.2015 to 17.05.2015

NK-Rabicharan Debbarma

C/14960 Rajesh Debnath




w.e.f.25.05.2015 to 26.07.2015

C/14929 Dharmendra Reang

C/15103 Pranab Majumder




w.e.f.03.08.2015 to 04.10.2015

C/14382 Alak Chakraborty

C/15118 Sujit Ch. Das




w.e.f 13.10.2015 to 20.12.2015

NK- Druba Chakma

C/14371 Nirupam Sinha


02 days course on Cyber Crime & Cyber Forensics

PHQ Conference Hall, Agt

w.e.f.06.02.2015 to 07.02.2015

Sri.Ratluanga Darlong Assl.SP North

Inspr. Bijoy Sen

Inspr. Jayanta Karmakar

SI (UB) Partha Chakraborty

SI (UB) Asis Kr. Das


03 days Basic Course on Cyber Crime

KTDS PTA w.e.f.29.07.2015 to 31.07.2015

SI (UB) Rakesh Debbarma

SI (UB) Swapan Sinha

SI (UB) Sakti Sadhan Jamatia

ASI Bapi Datta


01 week course  on  operation Care & Maintenance

CTI HQr. Gokulnagar

w.e.f.23.02.2015 to 28.02.2015

C/14368 Rajesh Ch. Saha

C/14392 Nani Gopal Das

C/14377 Manoj Kr. Sharma

C/14386 Sanjib Debnath

C/14378 Utpal Barman


01 day Course on Road Traffic Accident

KTDS PTA On 12.03.2015

SI (UB) Manoj Kr. Paul

SI (UB) Ranjit Sarkar


03 days Course on Crime Against Women & Children

KTDS PTA w.e.f.26.03.2015 to 28.03.2015

SI (UB) Debabrata Datta

SI (UB) Pijush Kt. Saha

SI (UB) Raju Baidya


02 days course on Scientific Aids to Investigation

KTDS PTA w.e.f.20.03.2015 to 21.03.2015

SI (UB) Titan Paul

SI (UB) Sreekanta Rudra Paul


01 day Course on NBFC Cases

PHQ Agt. On 31.01.2015


SI (UB) Debajit Chetarjee

SI (UB) Sukanta Karmakar


01 day Orientation Programme on NDPS & POCSO

Old High Court Building District Judge Complex, Agt on 14.06.2015


SI (UB) Debajit Chetarjee

SI (UB) Debabrata Datta



02 days Orientation Programme on NDPS & POCSO

KTDS PTA w.e.f.15.07.2015 to 17.07.2015

SI (UB) Pijush Kt. Saha

SI (UB) Titan Paul

SI (UB) Suman Saha

SI (UB) Raju Baidya


01 Month Pratical Training for SIs

KTDS PTA w.e.f.18.05.2015 to 20.06.2015

SI (UB) Bir Kishopre Tripura

SI (UB) Manoj Kr. Chanda

SI (UB) Raj Kr. Jamatia

SI (UB) Suresh Debbarma

SI (UB) Jayanta Das


01 day Workshop on Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)

Pragya Bhavan Hall No.04 On 01.07.2015

Sri, Adhir Ch. Dhatr Dy.SP (DIB) North



01 day workshop on Women Issues in Tripura

Pragya Bhavan Hall No.01 on 28.07.2015

Inspr. Kanti Nath Ghosh


01 day Seminar cum workshop on Police People Relations

Sahid Bhagat Singha Youth Hostel Kunjaban, Agt on 25.07.2015

SI (UB) Ranjit Sarkar


02 days Course on Role of SDPO as Middle Level Supervisor

KTDS PTA w.e.f.28.08.2015 to 29.08.2015

Sri, Shishir Kr. Das SDPO PNS


01 day Seminar on POCSO

KTDS PTA On 03.09.2015


SI (UB) Rakesh Debbarma

SI (UB) Arindam Roy


01 day Seminar on Human Rights

Pragya Bhavan On 13.09.2015

SI (UB) Manoj Kr. Paul

SI (UB) Debananda Tripura


03 days course on Procedure of Arrest Search & Seizure

KTDS PTA w.e.f.28.09.2015 to 30.09.2015

SI (UB) Debasish Saha

SI (UB) Jatish Ch. Das

ASI Swapan Sen


02 days programme on Crime in India & Accidental Death, Suicide in India

CID office A.D Nagar, Agt w.e.f .03.11.2015 to 07.11.2015

Inspr. Kanti Nath Ghosh

C/15111 Subrata Das


01 day workshop on Legal Provision of Arrest & FIR

District Police Conference Hall Ambassa, DLI on 05.10.2015

Inspr. Kanti Nath Ghosh

Inspr. Abdul Matin

Inspr. Pradyut Ch. Datta

Inspr. Ratan Mani Debbarma

SI (UB) Kamalendu Dhar

SI (UB) Prasanta Das

SI (UB) Biplab Debbarma

SI (UB) Ubaidur Rahaman

SI (UB) Rakesh Debbarma

SI (UB) Lalthlal Liana Darlong

SI (UB) Harendra Debbarma

SI (UB) Sakti Sadhan Jamatia

SI (UB) Debananda Tripura

SI (UB) Chitta Rn. Reang

SI (UB) Arindam Roy

ASI Julan Chakraborty

ASI Subaghya Chakma

ASI Uday Ram Reang

ASI Dhanya Manik Chakma

ASI Biswa Kr. Jamatia

W/ASI Shika Rani Das