i) For reduction of crime and RTA cases, we have taken several initiatives. These are as follows:
1. Deployment of more numbers of Man power on the road.
2. Use of Speedometer by BLG Traffic Unit to catch the speeding vehicles.
3. Use of road marking in accident prone areas.
4. Placement of road dividers.
5. Deployment of fixed pickets in accident porn spots for longer duration.
6. Frequent interaction with drivers and Motor Sramik Unions for adopting safety measures.
7. Use of maximum available Traffic equipments to perform traffic duty.
8.i) Frequent enforcement of MV Act in the form of submission of PR and realization of fine money.

ii) For reduction general crime, we have taken several measures. These are as follows:

1. Area wise creation of Beat committee under respective jurisdiction for better management of crime.
2. Quick response and visit to the scene of crime.
3. Use of scientific methods of investigation.
4. Frequent conduct of Prayaas Meeting involving other stakeholders.
5. Regular submission of preventive sections of law u/s109, 110 CrPC & 107 CrPC etc
6. Arrangement of speedy trial in heinous cases.
7. Deployment of Plan clothed staff for advance information of possible crime.
8. Regular co-ordination meeting with other security agencies to prevent trans border crimes and other heinous crime .