Sepahijala District was created in January-2016 trifurcating from undivided west Tripura District.The District was started with its natural challenges (Infrastructure and Manpower). First in cumbent SP of this District is Shri,Smriti Ranjan Das,IPS,(now SP traffic Tripura). The District started with 07(seven) PSs (now 09) PSs and 04 out post and 03(three) Subdivisions. The office started in some Semi temporary buildings at Chesrimai under Bishramganj PS. However with the passage a time, Office of the Superintendent of Police, Sepahijala has brought a decent shape with its entire sections and units.
 Total Population -5,10,329
 Gender wise - Male-2,58,171
- Female- 2,52,158
 SC -73, 143 (14.33%)
 ST -1, 28,259 (25.13%)
The Sepahijala district was created on - 16/01/2012.
o Total Area -1043.58 Sq. KM.
o Literacy percentage -92.46%
• Literacy percentage(Male) -96.11%
• Literacy percentage(Female)-88.81%
o Number of Sub-Division -03 (Bishalgarh, Jampuijala, Sonamura)
o Number of Block - 07 (Bishalgarh, Jampuijala, Melaghar, Boxanagar,
Kathalia, Mohanbhog and Charilam)
o Number of Police Sub-Division -03 (Bishalgarh, Jampuijala, Sonamura)
o Number of Gram Panchayat -111
o Number of Nagar Panchayat -01
o Number of Municipality area. -02
o Number of ADC Village -52
o Number of Revenue Mouja -119
o Number of Assembly Constituency -09.

The district consist of 03 Police Sub-Division namely- Bishalgarh, Jampuijala and Sonamura. Consists of 09 Police stations namely- 1. Bishalgarh PS 2. Bishramganj PS 3. Takarjala PS 4. Melagarh PS 5.Sonamura PS 6. Kalamchoura Police Stations ,7. Jatrapura PS 8.Jampuaijala PS and 9.Bishalgarh Women PS and 03 outpost namely (1) Kamala Sagar (2) Amarendranagar and (3) Taibandal OPS.

(A bullet point note about major duties of the District Police)
• Maintenance of general Law and order of the District.
• Prevention and detection of crime and to instill sense of security among the citizen of the District.
• Investigation of cases registered at the police stations and other miscellaneous enquiries.
• Time bound disposal of service verification, Passport verification, service of Summons and Execution of Warrants.
• Providing security coverage to the government development activities in the extremist prone and remote areas.
• Assisting the District administration and the other line departments in day to day functioning.
• District Police is to ensure Smooth running of road traffic in all the roads including NH-44.
• Round the clock women help desk and juvenile welfare unit in all the police stations.
• Round the clock Anti human traffic unit in all the police station to deal with human trafficking including child trafficking.
• Community policing through the PRAYAAS beat committee meetings to strengthen police public relationship and to help the community.
• Police officers regularly attend to the different Administrative camps and legal awareness camps.
• Police uphold and enforce the law impartially
• Protect life, liberty, property, human rights and dignity of the members of the public.
• promote and preserve public order
• Protect internal security including prevention of terrorist activities and breaches of communal harmony etc.
• To accurately register all complaints brought before police
• To provide active assistance to public/ other agencies in disaster management
• To collect intelligence relating to matters affecting public peace
• To take charge of all unclaimed property.