Prayaas is a name given to community Policing performed by Police in Tripura. A part of Tripura Police, we are also a stake holder in taking the cause forward for greater interest of Public Service. District Police is making every effort to reach out to the people through its prayaas inititiative. It has brought Police and public closer to each other. Various issues affecting life of common people are shared during prayaas meeting for making people aware so that it works as a preventive measure. Issues such as Domestic violence,Gambling,Addiction,RTA,CAW,1091,with their legal implication are discussed in prayaas meeting. As a result of prayaas initiative, we have been able to reduce crimes under different heads: CAW, RTA, etc. During this year, we have conducted 930 numbers of Prayaas meetings in the District under 9(nine)PSs sofar.