Traffic and Law & Order

District Police has to perform several kinds of duties including law & order. But we have a separate Traffic wing of the District. This traffic wing mainly takes care of traffic of national high way passing across the District. This wing also looks after the traffic issues of state high way of the District. Managing traffic on this busy high way is a big challenge as the high way narrow in size. It has many Vulnerable accident prone spots. In spite of this, our traffic officers and men/women are trying their best to stop RTA. It is because of their constant efforts with the help of concerned PS staff, that they have been able to contain RTA to a greater extent.
We are playing a proactive role in preventing Law & Order situation. We are very much sensitive to any issue which may lead to Law & Order problem. All the Big Law & Order duties like, big fair Festival, VVIIP, Elections, We have been managing them efficiently without any untoward incident.
Due to untiring effort of all Security asencies like TSR,BSF,AR, we are having a very good peaceful law & order situation. Across the District we have deployment of 56 Security Camps. These camps are as followss.DAR/SPO Camps=21,TSR Camps=04, BSF=29, Total=56