Office of the SP (SCRB) , Tripura has been established as an independent Unit with the posting of SP, SCRB vide GA(P&T) memo no F.2(3) –GA(P&T)/18 , dated 23/12/2018. The idea behind this is that SP SCRB would keeper by building a strong digital database to aid the investigating agency in their endeavour to prevent and detect crime.

Following sections are functioning under the guidance and supervision of SP (SCRB), Tripura.

  1. Photography Cell:-  The Photography Cell renders assistance to the investigation team by taking photographs of SOCs (scene of Crimes ) and other related things.
  1. Scope of Work:
  • Visit of Pos  of serious and sensational crimes to take photographs.
  • To take photograph of any kind of prints left by the offenders at POs including chance prints etc.
  • Covers incidence of political violence, VVIP programmes as and when called for
  • Depose in the Court of Law when called for.
  1. Fingerprint Cell : Experts and Officers of Finger Print Cell play an important role in recording and searching ginger impression slips of arrestee and retrieval of chance prints found at scenes of crime. Finger Print is going to acquire
    AFIS (Automated Finger Print Identification System) which will have palm print capabilities and scalability and extensibility to include Iris and facial image recognition applications.
    1. Scope of Work :

      1. Recording finger-print slips of
        1. Convicts
        2. Arrestee
    2. Searching of fingerprint slips and necessar4y referring to it to ascertain antecedents.
    3. Comparisons and opinion on finger-impressions on documents in civil and criminal cases received from Courts and other agencies.
    4. Comparison of latent prints and giving opinions, when required

3. CCTNS Cell: Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System is a Mission Mode Computerization Project under Nation Level E-Governance Plan (NeGP).


  1. Sharing Crime and Criminal information across States & Country
  2. Sharing intelligence.
  3. Enhancing tools for Investigation, Crime Prevention, Law & Order Maintenance, Traffic Management, Traffic Management etc.
  4. Improving service delivery to Public/Citizen/Stakeholders.
  5. Enabling easier and faster analysis of data.
  6. Increasing Operational efficiency.

            In Tripura, CCTNS project was rolled out in the month of December, 2012, It is being implemented by SP (SCRB) and IGP (TSR & OPS), Tripura who is the State Nodal Officer for this project. There are in total 125 CCTNS locations that include 81 PSs and 44 Police Offices. Out of these 125 locations, 76 PSs and 34 Offices have BSNL & SWAN connectivity for accessing and transfer of data to SDC at DIT, Indranagar Simultaneously, the same data is replicated to Disaster Recovery Centre at Shashri Park, New Delhi,

            The project components are 1) Software (Centre CAS v.4.5 & State CAS v.4.5)                             2) Hardware 3) Network Connectivity 4) Data Digitization & Migration 5) Integration with ICJS Pillars 6) Capacity Building & Change Management 7) Integration with Citizen Portal

            As per the guidelines of NCRB, New Delhi  for imparting training to Police Officers of the State on CCTNS CAS modules, 04(Four) District Computer Training Centres (DDCTCs), SP (SCRB) and SFSL, Narsingarh have been established.

4. Dog Squad : Tripura Police Dog Squad started functioning in 1967 in Special Branch Organization with one Tracker dog namely, ‘Mili`

            Police dog squad in functioning in 03(Three) separate category i.e. Sniffer, Track were and Narcotics, Sniffer Dogs are mainly functioning to detect the explosive items and Anti Sabotage checking in VVIP/VIP programme venue Hon’ble Governor TPA and Hon’ble C.M. TPA programmes, all minister’s residence, shopping malls, bus satads, markets, fairs Exhibitions, Mela groud and on religious occasions. Tracker dogs are used in detection murder, theft, robbery and burglary cases. Narcotics dogs are specially trained to find out ‘Ganja’ from hidden places,

            The number of Dog in Police dog Squad has increased to….. over the year. At present PDs in under the administrative control of SP, SCRB.

            Police Dog Squad has also been established in Gomati, Unakoti and Dhalai under the control of SP (SCRB), Tripura. Each of these 3 districts has one Sniffer and one Tracker dog.

5. AQ & PQ Cell :- The AQ & PQ Cell is a very important segment of SCRB and replies to all crime related Assembly Questions and Parliament Questions after collecting crime data from the Districts.


6. Statistics Cell: Statistics Cell maintains all crime related data of the State. A total of 49 periodical returns including fortnightly, monthly , quarterly, half yearly & yearly returns are being sent from this section, Besides, different statements are being furnished of demand to the higher authority as well as to the Government. SCEB has been earmarked as the Nodal Unit for sending all returns/statements to the Government and also to NCRB etc.



7. Anti – Human Trafficking Unit:

  • Preparation of monthly and yearly Statement of Anti-Human Trafficking cases and sending the same to the Director, NCRB, New Delhi.
  • Preparation of monthly and yearly Statement of missing/kidnapped persons and sending the same to the Director, NCRB through AIGP (Crime), Tripura.
  • Preparation of Yearly Statement of missing/Kidnapped Children.
  • Keeping records in respect of Special Juvenile Police Units of the State.
  • Quarterly updating of the records of Juvenile Units and dealing with all matters related to Juveniles.
  • Data collection and preparation of reply of all AHTU related matters pertaining to AQ & PQ.
  • Correspondence of AHTU related matters with NCRB, Central Government agencies, State Government and others officials.
  • Updating data in Web Portal (national Tracking System for Missing and Vulnerable Children).