Chief’s Message

Chief’s Message


             As the Superintendent of Police, Unakoti District, I am pleased to have the opportunity of introducing you to the Unakoti District Police. Through the helpful information contained in our website, you will find that our unit is committed to addressing the concerns of our public. You will also discover the various services we provide to the citizens.


            Credit for our success belongs to the guidance and direction demonstrated day-after-day by the Tripura Police Department’s Leadership Team, as well as the hard work being accomplished by the many members of our unit, and also the members of our public that we have built partnerships with.


            With the many challenges that face law enforcement today, I am extremely proud of our ability to adapt and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible police services to our citizens. I encourage you to navigate through our website, which reaffirms our commitment to proactively and responsively addressing the needs of our public, enhancing our public safety services and improving the quality of life.


(Smt. Kanta Jangir, IPS)

Superintendent of Police

Unakoti District, Tripura.