Tripura police has ‘Tripura police relief & welfare (amenities) fund’ meant for welfare of police personnel. Following decisions taken in a meeting on 30-11-2010 reveals that:

  •  The Welfare Fund of TSR Battalion will continue as per existing TSR Welfare and Benevolent Rules, 1987
  •  Monthly subscription will be enhanced from 5/- to 10/- with effect from 1st January 2011 for Dy SP and below who are governed by the Tripura Police Relief & Welfare (Amenities) Fund Rules, 1982.

(a) Benefits from Unit Fund under Rule-7 of the Tripura Police Relief & Welfare (Amenities) Fund Rules, 1982 are enhanced like ex-gratia amount of 500/- per month for the duration for which a member of the fund remains on leave without pay on medical grounds in place of existing 40/- .

(b) ex-gratia up-to 1,000/- to the members who themselves or anyone in their families are under prolonged medical treatment for serious ailment or injury in place of existing 150/- .

(c) interest free loans up to 10,000/- in place of existing 300/- to meet expenditure for tuition and examination fees of children, brothers and unmarried or widowed sisters actually and solely dependent on them recoverable in not more than 10 equal installments.

(d) loans up to 10,000/- with 5% interest in place of existing 300/- recoverable in not more than 10 equal installments to assist the members to meet expenditure on -

(i) marriages of their daughters and sisters actually and solely dependent on them;
(ii) shradh ceremony of parents ; and
(iii) any other ground considered deserving.

(e) recurring expenditure intended to promote general welfare not exceeding 1,000/- per item per year in place of 200/-.

(f) ex-gratia amount of 2,000/- to defray funeral expenses of a member in place of 75/-.

  Benefits from central fund (Grant to individual):-

1.Money from Central Fund shall be spent by the Managing
Committee which shall have full powers to sanction –

(a) ex-gratia @ 8,000/- to the families of members who die or are incapacitated prematurely;
(b) ex-gratia @ 200/- in place of existing 100/- to the members to meet the cost of higher education to their wards;
(c) other following existing facilities from the Central Fund issued vide No.39943-77/F.1(15)CWF/PHQ/88, dated 18-12-95 will also continue:-

i) The rate of Tiffin money from Rs.5/- to Rs.10/-per head per day, has been increased for a period not exceeding 15 days for participation in the above tournaments/meets as far as the players (Police Personnel) for participation in the East Zone Tournament. All India Police Games/All India Police Aquatic Meets and other National meets, representing the State Police outside the State are concerned

ii) As far as annual grant for Police Balwari School is concerned, the Annual grant from Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- has been increased.

iii) The rate of Education grant (ex-gratia) for higher studies for the children of a regular member of the fund outside the State has been increased from Rs.50/- P.M. to Rs.100/- (academic session wise) for the entire duration of the course.

iv) The rate of honorarium is likely to rise from Rs.100/- to Rs.125/- p.m. for the Accountant and from Rs.75/-to 100/- p.m. for the U.D. Clerk. attached in the management of the Central Welfare Fund in addition to their own duties due to increased volumes of work of the Fund.

V) Minutes of the meeting of the General Body of the share Holders of the Tripura Police Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Ltd held in PHQ Conference Hall on 1907-2012.