1. Do not reveal info.  reg.  your ATM /Credit Card/ AC number etc. to anybody over telephone/ e-mail.

  2. Do not reveal your  ATM PIN to anyone, not even to bank or Police.

  3.  Avoid responding to emails/calls  of false winning  of lottery.

  4. Do not touch any unclaimed, abandoned, suspicious object(s) till  Police arrives at spot.

  5. Do not leave your personal baggage/ veh / two wheeler / bicycle unattended at any place for long .

  6. Please collect detailed particulars of the tenant before giving rent  to your house.

  7. Do not pay heed to the rumours.

  8. Do not drink & drive.

  9. Always obey traffic signals.

  10. wear helmets and avoid triple riding.

  11. Do not allow minors/unauthorized persons to drive your vehicle.

  12. Observe prescribed speed limits.

  13. Keep emergency phone numbers on hand i.e. Police Control room, W H L, local P/S, Fire Service etc.